10 Fiber Rich Fruits and Vegetables

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Looking for natural sources of fiber? The following fruits and vegetables are packed with the highest dietary fiber.

Certain individuals try to moderate their carbohydrate intake for health reasons.  But there’s a type of carbohydrate that even these people should always include in their diet because it promotes good health and prevents diseases. It’s called dietary fiber, also known as roughage. Fiber is known to lower the risk of constipation, diverticulitis, heart disease, and diabetes. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels and is a digestion and weight loss helper.

Experts recommend 20-35 grams of fiber from food (not supplements) daily for children and adults. Some tips to reach that amount:

  • Replace meat with beans two to three times a week.
  • Choose brown rice and whole grain products over white rice, bread and pasta.
  • Snack on cucumbers, carrot sticks and other raw vegetables instead of processed bites like chips.
  • Pick whole fruits over fruit juices.
  • Reach for these top natural sources of fiber among fruits and vegetables:

Based on 100 gram serving:


  1. Purple passion-fruit – 10 g
  2. Elderberries – 7 g
  3. Avocados – 7 g
  4. Kumquats – 6 g
  5. Raspberries – 6 g
  6. Rowal – 6 g
  7. Strawberry guava – 5 g
  8. Abiyuch – 5 g
  9. Blackberries – 5 g
  10. Sapodilla – 5 g


1.       Grape leaves – 11 g

Stuffed grape leaves with yogurt mint sauce (Jason/Lam/Flickr)

2.       Fireweed leaves – 11 g

3.       Artichokes, boiled with or without salt – 9 g

4.       Pinto beans, boiled with or without salt – 9 g

5.       Potatoes with skin, baked with or without salt – 9 g

6.       Wasabi, root – 8 g

7.       Cowpeas, boiled with or without salt – 6 g

8.       Pigeonpeas, boiled with or without salt  – 6 g

9.       Lima beans, boiled with or without salt – 6 g

10.   Green peas, boiled with or without salt – 6 g

Yum! Now I am hungry thinking of all those good foods you mentioned. Nothing better than raspberry yogurt. Unfortunately, it is 4:50am, much too early for breakfast. =(

Understanding Burns

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Severe burns have a special feature which distinguishes them from other injuries. Burns and cause severe and prolonged pain, also cause physical disfigurement of the body. Therefore, people are cutting burn victims often experience severe psychological trauma resulting from the society and personal reaction to changes in their appearance.

Burn victims face or covering most of the body are at high risk of psychological disorders such as:

• Depression: major depression often results from self-identification of victims, along with issues have self esteem problems burning

• anxiety-a burn injury itself is a very traumatic event and is sufficient to invoke severe anxiety. The crippling pain that accompanies the long process of healing is also difficult to produce anxiety.

• Phobias victims are often so preoccupied by the reactions of others to their submissions that they stay in doors and avoid any social interaction outside close friends and family who accept them know what they are. But such behavior may lead to social phobias, including agoraphobia and progress to the point that they are incapable of having to leave home and can not go to work or function in society.

• Stress Disorder Post-Traumatic burn victims may have recurrent back problems ling flash in the time they were injured. These terrible thoughts and anxiety that accompanies them can be so severe that they interfere with daily life of the victim, including work and relationships with others.

The physical aspects of Burns

The severity of burns of an individual determines what physical condition that may experience. Muscles, bones, blood vessels, dermis and epidermis can be damaged by burns that can cause deep pain of injured nerves. Severe burns can result in:

• Shock

• Infection

• Electrolyte imbalance

• Difficulty breathing

• Death

After the immediate dangers are overcome and a burn victim survive beyond the critical point, he or she must endure the procedures involved in the healing process. These procedures include:

• routine cleaning of the burned area to prevent infection. This cleaning is done in the raw tissue and opened and should be done until the tissue heals

• Plastic surgery. Burn victims usually choose to have some plastic surgery procedures done when they are in the hospital and before severe scarring has occurred

• Physical therapy. Serious burns often result in loss of limb function determined. Intense therapy must be started from the beginning in order to regain a degree of function.

How to Detect Health Problems From Tongue Coatings

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The tongue coating lies on the surface of the tongue, but it isn’t the colour of the body of the tongue itself. Here’s what the tongue coating can tell you.

Here is a very interesting and informative article for tips of your coated tongue. I have actually noticed that since I have been brushing my tongue (on the recommendation of my dental hygienist, that I have had fewer sore throats – although my throat feels drier.

  • A thin white coating can indicate a fairly recent “cold” or “deficiency” condition such as a common cold
  • A thick white coating suggests food retention and sluggish digestion
  • A sticky white coating indicates excess phlegm
  • A thick yellow coating can be a sign of digestive problems such as constipation. If the coating is dry, the problem is usually with the stomach and intestines; if it is wet you may have excess phlegm.
  • A thin yellow coating can signify a lung infection
  • A greyish or black tongue coating (yes, the coating can actually be black!) usually indicates a significant health problem. If your tongue is either of these colours, consult a health professional as soon as possible.
  • A peeled tongue, sometimes called a “geographic tongue” because it looks like a map, can indicate a crisis point in a long illness

Always observe the tongue in good daylight and exclude obvious false phenomena such as a purple tongue after sucking a blackcurrant lolly or a red tip after burning it on a hot drink.

Hair Growth Vitamins

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It really is always disheartening to see your hair falling off. It will get worse when you have no hope from the hair expanding once more. Tend not to despair, there is certainly a way out and what’s far more, it’s a quite simple process that doesn’t involve any surgical processes hair again.

What leads to hair thinning? It really is typically attributable to a hormone generally known as DHT. This hormone in biotin attaches alone to the hair follicles triggering them more than a time period to fall off because it far more or significantly less chokes them.

This case is just not peculiar to adult males or ladies alone. It occurs in both thought the visible influence could differ. In adult males, it would consequence in balding even though in ladies, there would start to be a thinning from the hair at several details.

The good information is an extremely successful treatment to this has been discovered. The truth is, the FDA has accepted this treatment. The lively agent which has been accepted FDA is Minoxidil.

There are very good products out there that use Minoxidil. One particular such item is Provillus.

Richard Farrell is a pioneer of hair replacement programs. He was born and brought up and is nonetheless primarily based in Hollywood. Naturally a vast majority of his clients comprise the swish, jet-set crowd from the world’s biggest and ideal motion picture local community. He is common worldwide for his hair programs. He assists you to expand back again your unique hair along with your self esteem. He is personally linked to every single Farrell hair program produced by his firm.

Boosting the Odds of Receiving Pregnant which has a Tipped Uterus

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The uterus would be the position for your sperm to fertilize the mature egg. The uterus is also the position for your embryo to develop. Since the fertilized egg implants itself with the uterine wall, the uterus starts to create the placenta or the afterbirth additionally, the amniotic sac. The placenta would be the tract thru which the embryo gains its diet. The amniotic sac would be the sac in which the embryo is shielded. There are 2 kinds of uterus found in girls. Really, there are two forms of uterus. The 1st type is if the uterus is inside a directly vertical place. This is certainly regarded the natural place with the uterus. In fact, some girls may perhaps have their uterus tipped backwards towards the again with the pelvis which can be often called tipped pr tilted uterus.

A tipped uterus is caused by several explanations. There are a lot of explanations of having a tipped uterus. Being a girl matures, in some cases the uterus doesn’t shift right into a ahead place. Other than, childbirth can be one in all the factors behind tipped uterus for the reason that it could possibly tip the uterus ahead or backward. The way to know no matter whether you have a tipped uterus or not? Really, there will be primary indicators when you have a tipped uterus. The indicators will encompass soreness during menstruation or dysmenorrhea and soreness during a sexual activity or dyspareunia. Sometimes, some girls don’t demonstrate any indicators in the least while they’ve tipped uterus. How about your probabilities of conceiving a little one?

Back or shoulder blade pain Treatment methods

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There are so many lumbar pain treatment plans accessible, it can be difficult to discover which is the proper selection for you.  These kind of will be different determined by many components, including the severity of the pain, the main cause of the pain, along with choice . lower back pain is chronic or perhaps severe.

Strategy to lower back pain consists of over-the-counter along with prescription medications, setting one’s body regarding lumbar pain comfort, vertebrae tricks, along with substitute treatment options for instance Chinese medicine. Traction force was once perhaps the most common training, nevertheless research shows that it’s no successful treatment method option.You can go to the internet site for a fundamental treatment solution, nevertheless here are some possibilities that you could choose from. Be sure you meet with a medical expert before commencing Virtually any treatment method.

One lumbar pain treatment method option for your pain under shoulder blade is rest.

Stay off of feet for a couple of days and nights before ache starts to ease a bit. You will want to rest both in your corner which has a cushion between thighs, or perhaps lying on your back which has a cushion below your knees. If you rest lying on your back, you may need a relatively agency area to be able to rest upon. Be sure you get up along with go walking for around A quarter-hour every single 2-3 hrs. Don’t stay in mattress for over 2 days, simply because this will cause your own back muscle tissue to be able to damage and could extend the issue and earn restoration harder.

Use Temperature or perhaps Cold
Treatment using warmth or perhaps cool can work effectively with regards to the man or woman. Each 2-3 hrs, work with a home heating pad or perhaps have a comfortable shower. For a few people, flu pack could be more effective, or else you can alternate between the 2. Utilize warmth or perhaps cool for around A quarter-hour at any given time.

Pain Medication
Over-the-counter medicines bring ache treatment method quite successfully. You can attempt ache treatment for instance acetaminophen, ibuprofen or perhaps naproxen.

Although it may look counterintuitive, exercises are the most effective treatment plans. You’ll want perform physical exercises that will reinforce your own abs and lower back muscle tissue. Utilize great type when you exercise along with listen to your system so that you can don’t make your problem more serious. You can go to the internet site for a few physical exercises exclusively tailored for dealing with lumbar pain.

Alternative healthcare Options
Therapeutic therapeutic massage, vertebrae tricks by the chiropractic specialist, or perhaps Chinese medicine might also offer comfort. To be effective, a single of the lumbar pain treatment method regimens carried out regularly.Therefore these are some fundamental lumbar pain treatment plans that you could try out. Because you monitor the effects of the methods you might want to increase or perhaps remove other techniques based on how your system responds. Go to the internet site regarding full treatment method programs you can look at.

Angina treatment Review

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The first action in angina therapy is to get rid of danger elements which are most likely to hasten the progression of heart illness. This means that individuals with angina ought to stop smoking, shed excessive weight, consume a heart-healthy diet plan, and exercise regularly, if possible.

Angina Treatment Overview

The soreness of angina is various in various individuals. Some individuals have angina when they overexert themselves, whereas others really feel signs and symptoms when they get very upset or excited. Most individuals ultimately learn to anticipate which activities will trigger distress. Chest discomfort that originates in the heart muscle is known as angina pectoris. Angina is really a signal that the heart muscle isn’t obtaining sufficient bloodstream flow, specifically sufficient oxygen. The underlying coronary artery disease that causes angina should be attacked by controlling existing “risk factors.”

These include high bloodstream pressure, cigarette smoking, higher blood cholesterol amounts, and excess fat. If the doctor has recommended a drug to reduce bloodstream stress, it should be taken as directed. Guidance is available on how to eat to manage weight, blood cholesterol levels, and blood stress. A physician may also help patients to stop smoking. Getting these actions reduces the likelihood that coronary artery disease will lead to a heart attack. Most individuals with angina learn to adjust their lives to minimize episodes of angina, by taking sensible precautions and using medications if necessary. Generally the very first line of defense entails changing one’s living habits to avoid bringing on attacks of angina. Controlling actual activity, adopting great eating habits, moderating alcohol consumption, and not cigarette smoking that consuming nicotine are some of the precautions that may help sufferers reside much more easily and with fewer anginas. For example, if angina comes on with strenuous physical exercise, exercise a little much less strenuously, but do physical exercise.If angina occurs following heavy meals, avoid big meals and rich foods that leave one feeling stuffed. Controlling fat, decreasing the amount of fat in the diet plan, and avoiding emotional upsets may also assist. Angina therapy is often controlled by drugs. The most frequently prescribed drug for angina is nitroglycerin, which relieves pain by widening blood vessels. This enables much more bloodstream to flow to the heart muscle and also decreases the function load from the center. Nitroglycerin is taken when discomfort occurs or is expected. Doctors often prescribe other drugs, to be taken regularly, that decrease the heart’s workload.

Vitiligo Skin Bleaching

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Vitiligo is a skin disorder, whose cause is very difficult to find out. There may be on one hand no cause of the disease, but on the other hand it may associate with number of disorders. These white skin patches are appears due to the depigmentation in cells. Depigmentation refers to the loss of skin color.

Body special cells, melanocytes are responsible in the production of pigmentary cells in skin, which determines the skin color. If melanocytes cells fail to produce pigmentary cells in skin, then skin shows whitish spots or patches. It may affect the mucous membrane, hairs, retina of the eyes along with skin.

There are many types of vitiligo:
such as segmental, linear, Trichrome, focal, mucosal, universal inflammatory etc. along with all types the common vitiligo type is called vulgaris vitiligo. (Refers to the scattered macules in classic, symmetrical, or asymmetrical distribution).

The disease affects almost 1 to 2 % of population. It can affect both male & female genders, of any age. Vitiligo is mostly noticeable in colored or darker skin people instead of whitish people.

Vitiligo can be appeared due to many causes. It can be through heredity, stress, deficit of nutritional factors, usage of chemicals topical applications (creams, skin bleaches, lotions etc). Skin bleach destroys the pigment cells, for thus vitiligo can be appeared. It can be through adrenaline or thyroxine deficiency, or by immune system disorder, sun exposure.

Skin Bleaching Creams:
Bleaching is used to enhance the skin color. Market is full with such creams and lotions. The most powerful bleaching agent hydroquinone is the major cause of skin color alteration. This ingredient is also a cause of deficiency of thyroxine, liver disorder. In this regard, different other safe ingredients in bleach creams, like lemon juice extract, aloe Vera, and vitamins are not consider dangerous for the skin coloration. Many skin bleaching creams are made up of herbal extracts, free from chemicals, suitable for every type of skin, with no rash or irritation is available in market. Try to use them instead of chemical enriching bleaching creams. This will bring no problem.

Suggestion regarding vitiligo skin bleaching:
It is recommended protecting skin from sun or ultra violet rays. Use sun creams or lotions with high SPF, when ever you go out side for preventing skin from sun damage.

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away through Various Surgeries

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If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you should start making the right move now. This condition is not too complicated to cure provided that you take immediate action. When it comes to surgical procedures, you have lots of options to choose from. The main question is, do hemorrhoids go away through these surgeries? To ensure that you will be able to cope with this health issue, you need to know the different and most effective surgical procedures in treating hemorrhoids. If you are not familiar on how do hemorrhoids go away using effective surgical procedures, here they are:

  • Harmonic Scalpel Surgery – It is proven effective in treating hemorrhoids. This method is done through the use of heart and vibration technology. The process of this surgical type is quite delicate. Therefore, it requires a professional surgeon.
  • Ferguson Technique – In this method, the three major hemorrhoidal veins are exercised. This can help you become healthier.
  • HAL or Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation – In this medical procedure, hemorrhoids are tied up and repositioned.

Whatever types of surgical procedures you choose, just make sure that you depend on the right surgeon. If you did, expect that your health condition will be easily solved. This will also enable you to get more facts on how do hemorrhoids go away.

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away Using Cream?

There are some hemorrhoid medications that are totally effective while others are not. Some of them involve natural methods. Most specialists claim that using cream can help reduce the discomfort brought by hemorrhoids. It can also lessen swelling and bleeding. However, since there are several creams available in local pharmacies, you should first consult your doctor to get the right one. The common examples of over-the-counter aids include ibuprofen and aleve. You may ask: do hemorrhoids go away with creams? This medication is proven effective. Just make sure that you use it accurately and responsively.

If you are planning to use creams in treating hemorrhoids, make sure that you are aware of its included ingredients. Not all creams are proven safe and effective. Therefore, you need to be more careful before using any cream.

Gain weight using Mirena

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Hi all, I had Mirena for almost 8 months and I gain weight around 10 extra pounds. I am going to talk with my gym and also I am thinking to use HerbaLife. Any advice.

Good thing about Mirena is that stopped my heavy bleeding.

Good luck to everybody.

Hi, I had the mirena inserted in April this year, it was very traumatic for me as it was alot more painful than having a smear test done, after it was all over with I suffered badly with stabbing pains in my tummy, I was in agony, i nearly passed out and felt really unwell, I had to stay at my doctors for nearly 2 hours as I physically could not stand, I took 2 pain killers and waited a while for them to kick in.

I went home eventually and could not even go to collect my children from school I was still in pain, I bled quite heavy for 24 hrs, the next day the pain simmered off and so did the bleeding so i was very happy, how ever the next day the pains came back, I have now had the mirena in 3 months and I have not had a full period, I have spot bled a few times and I still get the sharp stabbing cramps and pains.

I have since been to the doctors about my pains and she sent me for a scan, I found out today that I have cysts on my ovaries.

The only thing I can honestly say good about the mirena is my periods stopped, other than that I wish I had never had it in the first place.

By: sarah tennant